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A spectacular holiday in Karelia starts with a cozy guesthouse. Whatever you are planning to do on your vacation – fishing, Russian “banya”, outdoor hikes, riding a bicycle, boat trips – first of all you should choose a guesthouse where you will be able to spend your holiday, away from all the noise and fuss of big cities. It may be a cabin by the lake, or a modern cottage in the midst of a forest, in any case we will offer you suitable accommodation and arrange your leisure. Apart from renting a guesthouse we can provide equipment for outdoor activities: take into account that holidays in Karelia are nothing without some sport games in the wild.

Our cottages are suitable for big groups of friends as well as for families with kids. Crystal clean water of Karelian lakes, fresh-green forests, stunning sunsets, hikes and boat trips, fishing and Russian “banya” are waiting for you during any season. Renting a cottage in Karelia enables you to welcome nature on the porch of your house!

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We are eager to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible

  • Explore Karelian wild lands with comfort! Renting a car gives you an opportunity to reach any desirable destination in the area. There are plenty of remote lakes and villages that are worth visiting. We offer you modern cars suitable for any kind of mud-locked roads.

  • Riding a bike in Karelian woods is a refreshing experience, a great stress breaker and a wonderful physical exercise. Breath pure air of wild nature and enjoy the surrounding beauty! We rent the best bike gear and we can also advise you a perfect bicycle track.

  • Those who appreciate quiet and calm, those who are experienced in fishing and those who are new to it – we will find a solution for anyone. We rent fishing rods, gear and means of getting to the spot (boats, snowmobile, hiking gear). We hope you will be satisfied with your catch!

  • Renting a boat is a pleasant way to spend time with your family or friends and enjoy lakes and rivers of Karelian wild lands. You will be able to create your own personal lake route and visit deserted islands and remote shores.

  • Riding a scooter is a perfect shot of adrenaline, an incomparable feeling of speed and wind! Scooters (also sometimes called waterbikes) can be used on lakes only. It is an exiting but safe way to move on water. We rent different types of scooters equipped with water safety gear.

  • Russian national leisure – banya – is one of the oldest pastimes known in Russian culture. Almost a thousand years ago people washed themselves in banyas, treating this procedure not only as a sanitary one, but also as a custom and pleasant leisure. Traditionally Russians take baths in banya in groups, male, female or mixed. Some talking, eating and drinking alcohol is usually involved, as well as cooling yourself down in snow or cold lake water.

Dreaming about fishing?
Just get a fishing rod and lets go!

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in Karelia, especially if you rent a cottage in the woods. In any season clean lakes and fast rivers of Karelia offer you a remarkable catch. Those who prefer fishing in summer will enjoy staying in our cottages which are close to the lake shore. We can provide a fishing guide if needed. Winter fishing can appear as a challenge at first, but we assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience. We rent out any kind of fishing gear, motor boats and snowmobiles. An essential part of fishing is a proper rest – in our guesthouses you will be able to relax after intense fishing trips or chill out with your friends.
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