For those who like fishing

Fishing in Karelia is something you should try at least once in your life. This experience brings you to a better understanding of Russian nature. The beauty of Karelian woods and waters and the magical atmosphere of early mornings make you feel calm and relaxed, as if the time stood still.

Good catch in summer and in winter

Karelian rivers and lakes welcome you at any season. The difference between fishing in summer and in winter is in types of fish you can catch, places where it is better to fish, gear, techniques and a bunch of other little things. For summer fishing we can rent you row boats or motor boats, basic fishing rods and gear. For winter fishing we will provide you with snowmobiles and subglacial fishing gear. On warm summer days as well as during frosty winters comfortable guesthouses are at your service. All of our cottages are situated close to the water.

Summer fishing season in Russia starts on the 15 of June and ends with the beginning of freeze-up which depends on autumn temperatures (they vary from year to year). It will be a great choice for those who want to enjoy white nights as in Karelia it does not get dark at night in June-August. Winter fishing season starts on the 15 of November and lasts till the 20 of April. Severe cold and snow-covered trails normally do not demotivate fishermen – on the contrary, they make fishing even more exiting and fulfilling.

Summer fishing season in Karelia
Winter fishing season in Karelia

We offer:

  • - A row boat for 4 people – free of charge!
  • - Fishing gear (included in the price of trolling fishing tour)
  • - A motor boat (included in the price of trolling fishing tour)


Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water. It as a fun and effective way to fish. You can use a motor boat and natural or artificial baits to do trolling fishing.

1) Trolling on Syamozero lake tour

Transportation and gear

Motor boat – 50 cv, capacity – up to 3 people, 10 spinning reels, life-jackets, music.


80 km from Petrozavodsk


1 hour – 1500 RUB

2) Trolling on Onezhskoe lake tour (by Kvarcitnyi village)

Transportation and gear

Motor boat Silver Hawk 520, motor Honda-90, capacity – up to 3 people plus the captain, 14 spinning reels, life-jackets, acoustic echo sounder, navigation system, music


Petrozavodsk-Kvarcitnyi – 63 km, Angenlakhta-Kvarcitnyi – 144 km


8 hours on water – 7500 RUB, additional hour – 1000 RUB, transfer – 3500 RUB round trip